1st edition of Hung Gar festival in Maroc


World Hung gar family Chiu chi Ling team Africa branch host the coming Top world Kung fu best fighter Top Nation Challenge Chiu Chi Ling Cup . celebration hero of Wong fei Hung 169th Annual Ceremony Banquet kung fu show !! we are the best program invite Grand master Dr. chiu chi Ling 10th Dan. movie Star are you love Kung fu Hustle Iron rings , Tit sin Kuen Internal chi qung Fajin Nei Gar Kuen ) !! super World known the secret of Chiu Tai chi it’s the china in Song Dynasty king of Chiu our best with Ying Yong Pak Kwa Leung Yee . sai cheung , are you join us and tours in Africa and join us the deeply chinese Kung Fu from Grand master Dr. chiu chi Ling and his fans club Party !! 2014 is your kung fu life !! welcome all friends club Member together sharing our Friendship in Africa Morcco

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