5th Brussels Open Traditionnal Taolu Cup


I.F.H.G.K.B. is proud to announce the 5th Brussels Open Traditionnal Taolu Cup will be organised on Saturday, January 25 th 2014 in Brussels. The competition is open to all national and international practicionars aged 16 and over.

Following categories will be accepted

  • Traditionnal Bare Hand
  • Short weapons (external, internal)
  • Long weapons (external, internal)
  • Duilian
  • Tai Chi :Chen and Yang, Xing Yi, Ba Gua

Each athlete may compete in maximum 4 taolus.

Rankings and rewards

Each athlete will receive a certificate of proof of his participation. The first 3 athletes of each category will receive a diploma and a trophy.


Registrations can be made by filling out the form enclosed. They must be returned before 10/01/2014 to sifu@hunggar.net
( See enclosed document )

Registration fees

5 euro per taolu and per competitor.
They must be paid on bank account (bic BPOTBEBB1 (IBAN : BE32 0003 33689902) before 10/01/2014.
In case of registration on the day itself or in case of changes, a supplement of 10 euros per participant will be charged.

Entrance fee for the visitors : 8 euros
Free entrance for minus 10 years, trainers, coaches en judges.
Each team will provide a judge for the duration of the competition.


  • 09h00 – 10h00 : registration competitors.
  • 10h00 – 10h30 : information judges.
  • 10h30 : Opening ceremony and lion’s dance.
  • 11h00 – : start competition.
  • 14h00 – 15h00 : lunch break.
  • 15h00 – 18h30 : continuation and end competition.
  • 19h00 : Prize giving and closing ceremony.

For any further information, please contact SiFu Said Belabed  at hunggarkuen80@gmail.com or by gsm: +32 (0) 484 599 725

General rules of competition

  • The competion will be held on a surface of 14 meters of length by 8 meters of width (international norms).
  • The competitors will be wearing the costume of their club or of the style represented. Only traditional taolu will be judged. The judges commission will not admit any modern taolu.
  • The referees will wear a white shirt with long sleeves and dark trousers.
  • Attribution of points for the different categories for both external and internal, weapons and duilian
    1. Quality of movement : 6 points. Will be deducted :
      • 1/10 point for a minor error.
      • 2/10 for a visible error.
      • 3/10 for a serious error.

All deductions will be made in total. Nevertheless, no more than 3/10 of a point may be deducted for different errors during the same movement.

    1. Strength and coordination : 2 points :

Use of total strength and perfect coordination of eyes, hands and the entire body.

Will be deducted :
• 0.1 to 0.5 points for minor errors .
• 0.6 to 1 point for visible errors.
• 1 to 2 points for serious errors.

3) Spirit and rythm : 2 points :

The performances will be executed with the right spirit and rythm; the style will be structured, varying and the choreography must be right. The content must be rich.

Will be deducted :
• 0.1 to 0.5 points for minor errors .
• 0.6 to 1 point for visible errors.
• 1 to 2 points for serious errors.

Incomplet exercice : no points will be given.
The competitor may ask the head judge the authorisation to restart his form a second time, but an entire point will be deducted from his final score.
If he makes a mistake a second time, he will be definitely eliminates from his category and will receive zero points.


The organiser is not responsible for the room reservations of the different teams, but we can recommand you the following hotel:

Hotel pour les participants :

Hotel pour les participants :
Boulevard Adolphe Max, 132-140
1000 Brussels
Tel : 02 / 219.16.19
Fax : 02/ 223.25.99


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